Our Company

Centered Wellness is a private practice counseling service for adults seeking to improve their health, happiness, and wellness. Here at Centered Wellness, we strive to provide a place where anyone can be free, open, and enthusiastic about developing multiple areas of wellness (i.e. physical, emotional, mental, relational, spiritual, etc). Through our foundation of holistically-oriented approaches, it is our goal to enhance the understanding of mental health from a well-rounded, wholeness perspective and to bring light to the benefits of nurturing all aspects of ourselves as human beings.


Within our services, we strive to utilize holistic approaches coupled with cognitive, motivational, and solution-focused interventions to help support each individual in their unique growth process. Our core values promote the importance of individuality, acceptance, honesty, and genuineness and we strive for this practice in both our clients and within ourselves.

It is our goal here at Centered Wellness to provide you with both respect and care as you work towards your desired life changes and to help you work towards developing a deeper understanding of self and wellness. We believe that through a holistic approach, the most genuine growth and healing can occur and we look forward to helping you discover the path that’s right for you.

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