It is my passion to help guide others in their unique self-growth process and provide an open, supportive environment to develop increased self-awareness and help create a path to a more well balanced life. 

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Lauren Hurd, Licensed Mental Health Counselor & Life Coach

Hi – My name is Lauren Hurd! I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) and Life Coach who is a caring individual and passionate about helping others. Both personally and professionally, I believe in the value of holistic practice and personal growth. This guides my approach to counseling through addressing the person as a whole. My approach is further guided by my belief in the important connection between our thoughts, behaviors, ourselves and our relationships. It is my belief that through holistically targeting our goals and needs, we can achieve higher levels of health, happiness, and wellness.

Although various experiences contribute to my counseling methods and beliefs, much of my practice today is influenced by my higher education. Born and raised in the Midwest, I received my Bachelor’s degree at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where I graduated Summa Cum Laude as a double major in Psychology and Business Marketing. I then continued my education and personal growth after moving to Florida, graduating with high honors in my Master’s degree in Counselor Education for Clinical Mental Health Counseling at the University of South Florida.

Through my years of graduate and post-graduate work, I have had the privilege of gaining a wide range of experience providing individual and group counseling to adults. I have worked in a variety of settings including inpatient, in-home, residential, outpatient, and private practice. Although I have worked with several types of life challenges, my areas of expertise include: anxiety, self-worth, stress management, life balance, healthy boundaries, communication, coping skills and self-development.

Now, working in private practice as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor & Life Coach with an ongoing commitment to providing quality care, I welcome ongoing professional growth as I expand my skills in ongoing therapy education and nutrition. In addition to my professional commitments, I enjoy spending my free time playing with my puppy, enjoying the great outdoors, traveling, and staying healthy through exercise, mindfulness, and healthy eating.

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Centered Wellness is a private practice counseling service for millennials and young adult professionals seeking to improve their health, happiness, and wellness. Here at Centered Wellness, we strive to provide a place where anyone can be free, open, and enthusiastic about developing multiple areas of wellness (i.e. physical, emotional, mental, relational, spiritual, etc.). Through our foundation of evidence-based and holistically-oriented approaches, it is our goal to enhance the understanding of mental health from a well-rounded, wholeness perspective and to bring light to the benefits of nurturing all aspects of ourselves as human beings.

Within our services, we strive to utilize holistic approaches coupled with cognitive behavioral, mindfulness-based, self-compassion focused, and solution-focused interventions to help support each individual in their unique growth process. Our core values promote the importance of individuality, acceptance, honesty, and genuineness and we strive for this practice in both our clients and within ourselves.

It is our goal here at Centered Wellness to provide you with both respect and care as you work towards your desired life changes and to help you work towards developing a deeper understanding of self and wellness. We believe that through a holistic approach, the most genuine growth and healing can occur and we look forward to helping you discover the path that’s right for you.

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