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Centered Wellness is not currently accepting new client appointments at this time. If you have any questions or concerns regarding future services, please feel free to reach out and we would be happy to assist you. We apologize for any inconvenience and will be providing updates upon further availability.

Thank you!

~Centered Wellness

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Lauren Christ, MA, Founder of Centered Wellness, LLC

“Hello and Welcome! Thank you for visiting Centered Wellness in your quest to achieve a better you. If you have arrived here, you have already taken the first step towards changing your life for the better–so congratulations!

At Centered Wellness, it is our goal to help you address your life challenges through helping you gain the support, understanding, and skills you need to strengthen your inner self & improve your sense of wellness.

If you are here, you have likely identified one or more areas you would like to see changed or improved. If so, we would be happy to help! Please explore our specialties, make an appointment, or contact us today and see how our services can benefit you.

Thank you and I look forward to meeting you!”

     ~Lauren Christ, MA, Founder of Centered Wellness

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